Thorough, Efficient Construction Law Representation

Whether you are an owner, contractor, subcontractor or design professional, the Law Offices of Bari S. Robinson can help you in negotiating and drafting contracts, mechanics lien enforcement and removal, resolution of contractor disputes and design defect issues. Our Oakland, California firm has handled construction matters on behalf of large corporations, individuals and public entities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We represent clients with construction matters of all sizes, ranging from small residential projects to large multi-million-dollar commercial projects, as well as public works projects.

Attorney Bari S. Robinson has more than 25 years of legal experience, including certification and extensive hours as a mediator and arbitrator. She will approach your case with a thoroughness and attention to detail, reviewing your information and working with you to determine your needs and goals. She will provide you with an assessment at the end of your initial meeting, as well as a suggestion for next steps and timeline for successful completion.

Effective Resolutions That Satisfy Your Bottom Line

In the construction industry, time is money. The speedy resolution of disputes is tantamount to bringing in a project on time and within budget. But unfortunately, construction defect problems can be very complicated and expensive. We work collaboratively with construction and design professionals to come up with the most efficient and cost-effective solution to the problem.

We have a great deal of experience in consulting with experts in the industry to arrive at the best solution for the client. With regard to construction defects, we work with design and construction experts to determine the existence or nonexistence of such defects, and attempt to use such expert knowledge to find a resolution to the problem.

In the effect the matter cannot be quickly resolved, we provide vigorous representation through alternative dispute resolution. In the unhappy event that a dispute cannot be resolved short of litigation, our firm provides extremely competent and knowledgeable courtroom representation with close attention to detail. We have litigated many cases involving construction defects and have reached many results that are favorable to our clients.

Call us at 510-761-7316 to discuss any construction matter you have with an experienced lawyer. Or, send an online message and tell us about your situation. We would love to help you, and will promptly reply to all messages.