Mediation & Arbitration

Very often, especially with the congestion of both state and federal courts today due to budget cuts and the sheer number of litigants, the parties may choose arbitration, early neutral evaluation, or mediation of their case. Such Alternative Dispute Resolution methods may allow the parties to resolve and conclude their cases in a much shorter period of time and with less expense than lengthy court litigation to trial.

Since 1994, Bari Robinson has served as a mediator and early neutral evaluator in construction, real estate, insurance and personal injury cases. She holds a certificate in mediation and early neutral evaluation from the U.S. District Court, Northern District of California and the State Bar of California and has served on various mediation and early dispute resolution panels. She has also completed more than one hundred additional hours of mediation and arbitration training. Former clients have found her to be fair, very knowledgeable about the law, and creative in her approach to the resolution of problems.

If you choose Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques to resolve your case, please contact Ms. Robinson and have the opposing party do so also. She would be happy to send her ADR information to both counsel and/or parties and talk to them in detail about her services.